January 19, 2018
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Coach Initiation a starting point for all community coaches.

Coach Initiation in Sport is an online NCCP module developed to introduce new coaches to the foundational skills in coaching, such as: long-term athlete development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness. The Coach Initiation in Sport module will also introduce coaches to the NCCP, a valuable tool for preparing for a coach’s first in-person NCCP workshop

The Coach Initiation in Sport online module is designed as an important introduction to the key coaching concepts and educational tools that are the foundation of the NCCP.  The module remains an excellent informational resource for coaches which they can revisit at any time after successful completion of the module.

Coach Initiation in Sport is a valuable resource for:

  • Parents new to coaching
  • New coaches
  • Experienced coaches new to the NCCP
  • Athletes transitioning to coaching
  • Experienced NCCP coaches who need professional development, or a refresh on the fundamental principles of the NCCP
  • Sport administrators who work with the NCCP and coach development

Access Coach Initiation in Sport online module in the Locker, for $15. This e-module will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Professional Development Schedule for 2018 Announced

The Canadian Sport Center Atlantic have announced their winter professional development schedule for 2018. These in person workshops and webinars offer coaches the opportunity to further their education and earn valuable PD points required to maintain certification. To find out more about these opportunities please follow this link.

Save the Date - Atlantic Coaches Conference 2018

Coaching Association of Canada FREE on-line Concussion Awareness Module

The Coaching Association of Canada has announced the launch of their new e-learning module for concussion awareness. "Making head Way" has been designed to help coaches gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of their athletes. This multi-sport module will cover: what to do to prevent concussions, how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion, what to do when you suspect an athlete has a concussion, and how to ensure athletes return to play safely. For a limited time this on-line module is free to all coaches and the course will also be recorded as professional development on coaches transcripts.

To find out more information about this important issue for all coaches. Follow this link to the CAC web site.

New Multi Sport Modules developed by the Coaching Association of Canada

The Coaching Association of Canada has recently developed four new Multi-Sport modules to support coach development in Canada. Three of the modules are part of the Competition development suite of courses and include Performance Planning, Manage a Sport Program and Advanced Practice Planning. To see if these courses are part of your Competition Development Pathway please check the Pathways section in your Locker account.

The fourth module is an addition to the Professional Development suit of training modules offered through the NCCP and addresses the Mentorship side of coaching.

Check out the course descriptions and the classroom course schedule as we add the new courses to our fall delivery program.

Coaching Association of Canada launch FREE e-Activity for new coaches

The Coaching Association of Canada has launched a free e-learning program for new coaches. The new resource is designed for first time coaches   Packed with tips, tools, and resources you can download, these FREE tutorials will set coaches up for success!

For more information on this program please follow the link below.


          "Supporting Coaches and Leadership Training across Nova Scotia"

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